With a population of a little over 10,000 residents, Balmain is one of the wealthiest and fastest-growing suburbs in Sydney. The community is located along the beautiful Parramatta River, just a few minutes away from Sydney’s bustling central business district. Just like the rest of the suburbs within Inner West Sydney, Balmain is governed by the Inner West Council. The suburb lies on a small peninsula that slightly protrudes into the Sydney Harbour. Prior to the arrival of the European settlers, modern-day Balmain was the ancestral home of the Wangal and the Gadigal Native Australian communities. Both the Wangal and the Gadigal people relied on hunting and fishing hence their strategic settlement along the shores of the Parramatta River. Balmain was originally part of a large land grant issued to Dr. William Balmain in 1800. Balmain was one of the first surgeons in the colony of Sydney and the man after whom the suburb of Balmain is named.   Sadly, Balmain lost his entire land to John Borthwick Gilchrist the following year in debt settlement.   Commercial developments in Balmain started towards the mid-19th century when the land was subdivided into smaller parcels and sold out to developers. Approximately half of the once-great 550-acre grant was sold to Thomas Hyndes: this was the half that became today’s suburb of Balmain.   The industrial phase in Balmain started in the 1850s and stretched into the second half of the 20th century. There were at least half a dozen industries in Mort Bay by the late 1800s. Today, Mort Bay Park lies at the original site of Mort’s Dock, the oldest shipping yard of its kind in Australia. Balmain’s industrialization ushered in an era of residential development as the demand for affordable housing for the workers grew by the day. Further development in the residential sector came during the early stages of the 20th century following the discovery of coal in the area. The Colliery remained operational until 1931.   In the 1950s, Balmain received hundreds of new immigrants looking for affordable housing. The gentrification of the suburb in the years that followed transformed it into one of the leading middle-class residential communities in the city. Its proximity to Downtown Sydney and its beautiful waterfront location became its main selling points.   Today, the suburb boasts of being home to affluent neighborhoods, a rich cultural scene and a thriving shopping and dining district. It is also home to a well-established education system among other great features. There are dozens of things to do in Balmain, a suburb with a rich history and a place that was once called home by a few of Australia’s famous celebrities.  If you would like to read about some of them you can check out our article on some of Balmain’s famous residents. If you are a proud Balmain resident, I am hope you have gotten some value out of this article. We love Balmain, and are proud to be known and trusted in the area. If you find yourself in need of a quality Balmain Plumber, please give Plumbwell Plumbing Services a call today!