Things to do in Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Located approximately 8 kilometers from Downtown Sydney, Dulwich Hill is a beautiful history-steeped suburban community that dates back to the 18th century. The community takes pride in being one of the oldest and most fascinating suburbs in the so-called Inner West Sydney. Apart from a rich history, Dulwich Hill also has a wide selection of beautiful features that make it one of the best places to call home. Below are some interesting activities and places to visit during your stay in Dulwich Hill according to your local Dulwich Hill Plumbing Contractor:

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Go shopping

Being one of the recently gentrified suburbs in the Inner West, Dulwich Hill has two well-established shopping centers that are comprised of an electric mix of boutiques, retail stores, shopping complexes, and a plethora of highly-rated dining establishments. This makes shopping one of the most interesting pass time activities in Dulwich Hill. You can spend the day window-shopping or browsing through various sections at your favorite store.

Enjoy some mouth-watering cuisine

Despite recent developments, Dulwich Hill maintains a funky and down-to-earthy appeal that attracts people from all walks of life. This diversity has led to the establishment of numerous ethnic and modern restaurants that serve a wide range of authentic cuisines from around the world. As a result, Dulwich Hill has become one of the most unique dining destinations in Sydney. Some of the top-rated eateries and restaurants in Dulwich Hill include Dear Delicious, Zeus Street Greek, Sideways Deli Cafe, The General, Manmaru, and Strawberry Fields Patisseries just to mention a few.

Reconnect with nature

Dulwich Hill is home to well over half a dozen parks and natural reserves which are designated for public use. These parks are outfitted with modern recreational amenities including playing fields, golf courses, children play equipment, pools, picnic and BBQ facilities, hiking and biking trails, and so much more. They offer a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a scenic and tranquil place to spend the day with their loved ones. Some of the most visited parks include Johnson Park, Jack Shanahan Reserve, Hoskins Park, and the J.F. Laxton Reserve. It is also worth mentioning that most local parks are pet friendly. There are also plenty of other outdoor recreational facilities like swimming pools, and sporting complexes that are worth exploring.

Other activities that might interest you in Dulwich Hill include visiting the suburb’s scenic waterfront, exploring the historic architecture, and watching Dulwich Hill FC play at the Arlington Oval. The list goes on and on.

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